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White Wines

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White Wines

  Cache River Swamp Water
You won't be able to resist this semi-sweet taste!  This smooth wine is a blend of
Chardonnel & Vignoles
A very light, dry, but pleasant bouquet
for the serious wine drinker with a
specific taste.
  Star Night Bright
This delicious wine is named for the beautiful starry nights in Southern Illinois.  A soft blend of Seyval and Chardonel wines
gives it a semi-dry taste.
  Vignoles White Cap
An ever popular wine for the delicate taste.  This semi-sweet bodied wine is a pleasure to the lips and palate.
Vignoles Red Cap smooth & dry
  Vidal Blanc
An excellant sweet wine that is pleasing to the taste.
A semi-sweet with a flavorful grape taste
  Cottonmouth White 
This semi-sweet wine, named after the Cottonmouth snake, has a smooth blend of the Vidal and Seyval white grapes

You may always add to your dining pleasure at Wineaux's Restaurant by adding a bottle or a glass of one of the fine Cache River Basin wines to your meal. Ask your server for a winelist.

A delicious dry white wine
Grapes from the Paul Henry Vineyard of Massac County were used to produce this fine semi-dry wine.
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Red Wines

  Caco Sucre'
Our first dessert wine served small & large. A pleasant subtle pale red wine with a sweet, fruity taste that seems to linger on your palate.  This grape is a hybrid of Catawba & Concord
Orange red or pink in color, this semi-sweet wine is a delight for all wine drinkers. An any time wine.
A fine wine made solely from the Chambourcin grape, comes in three varieties: New '07 wine (purple cap), 2010 Chambourcin French Oak Aged (Maroon Cap) and French Oak Aged (2011) 3+ months (Black Cap)
  Code Red
This amazing full-bodied pleasant-tasting wine with a soft finish is composed of Norton and Chambourcin slightly sweetened. Just coming into its own.
Another grapey tasting wine, soft to the palate and listed as a semi-sweet.
  Copperhead Red
(Copper Cap)
Our second venomous snake to grace the labels. A semi-sweet has excellent body * light to taste. Also available as (Sweet Black Cap) and (Red Cap) which is a changed formula.
  Cynthiana Norton
Full Bodied and great taste
American Oak
(Gold Cap)
Expedition Red
A combination of Chardonnel and Hawk Tail Red produces a wine with an excellent lingering after taste.  A semi-sweet wine named in honor of William Clare and Merriweather Lewis.
Also available in a sweet version.
  Hawk Tail Red
A soft dry red wine that is a blend of Chancellor DeChaunac and Norton. The Norton gives the wine an excellent finish. Very tasty.
  Hummingbird Nectar
A tasty red and white blend of Catawba and Chardonnel with a touch of Chambourcin sweetened to the taste of nectar.




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